Anonymous Texting

Anonymous Texting is a product of Apollo Communication. Apollo is a leader in building messaging and notification systems. Apollo's messaging and notification systems range from simple group messaging to emergency dispatch for first responders. Apollo Communication has a solid reputation of being operational 99.96% of the time. When your message is important, count on Apollo to get it delivered.

Apollo's system is unique in the several ways. It offers bidirectional texting, incoming message distribution, and message logging.

Security and Reliability

Apollo Communication’s messaging system uses a two-pass authentication method. This is to ensure that only authorized people can use your system. You have complete control over who can send messages on your account. Everything incoming and outgoing message is logged and can be viewed, printed or exported. You know who sent what message and when.

Apollo Communication’s messaging systems are built on Raid 10 Technology and are replicated across multiple servers in different geographical locations. This system was constructed using the same technology used to build response verification systems for \fire departments. We have a history of being on line 99.99% of the time. Our job is to ensure that when you need to get a message out, it will be delivered.

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