Anonymous Texting FAQ's

Q. What is Anonymous Texting?

A. Most municipalities have a Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line. Individuals can call and leave a tip about something they have seen. Think of Anonymous Texting as your school’s dedicated anonymous tip line. Today's younger population prefers texting to any other form of communication. It is also a very safe way for individuates to report things because no one can overhear them talking on the phone. It is quiet and discrete.

Q. Is Anonymous Texting designed to be a support line?

A. No, Anonymous Texting is not a support line, but it can be set up to offer support information. For example, a student sends a text that they are thinking about suicide, and the person responding to the email can send them information such as a suicide support line number so they can call an individual who is trained in intervention. If it is an emergency, the person can recommend the sender call 911.

Q. Not everything happens during school hours. Does Anonymous Texting work when no one is monitoring incoming messages?

A. There is an off-hours option that can be configured. If the off-hours option is activated, the sender will receive a confirmation that the message was received. The default message is, "We have received your message. No one is currently monitoring this line. If this is an emergency, please dial 911."

Q. Do students have to sign up or register with the system?

A. No. This is what makes Anonymous Texting so appealing to the younger generation. You don't have to sign up or install any software. It is just like texting any other phone number. If a student wants to hide that fact that they reported something, they can just delete the conversation thread when they are done.

Q. How will students know what the phone number is?

A. Each starter kit comes with 300 business cards. The school can print their own or order more from Apollo Communications. The business card has the school name and tip line number on it. These can be passed out or made available to students. The phone number that is provided is assigned only to your school and the number can be put on a school web site, send out in newsletters, or hung on posters in schools.

Q. Is the Anonymous Texting Tip Line just for students?

A. No, anyone can send a text to this number. This makes it useful for after-hour and school activities. If a parent attending a football game sees something, they can report it.

Q. What if I want to contact the sender for more information?

A. Anonymous Texting is a two-way communication system. Anyone on the message distribution list can contact the sender for additional information. Each sender is identified by a unique code. The senders phone number is never stored in the system.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of students who can use the system?

A. Anonymous Texting does not have any limits. It can process thousands of messages a second. Each account has unlimited incoming and out-going messages, and there are no hidden or additional fees.

Q. How long does it take to set up? Do I need to buy any equipment?

A. To set up your account, all you need to do is log into the administrator account and add the emails you want to the e-distribution list. It is all cloud-based, so there is no equipment to buy or software to install, and it works with any operating system and any phone that can send text messages.

Q. How do I keep students from sending in fake tips?

A. Anyone can send anything to the tip line. However, if someone is spamming the system with false information, the administrators of the tip line can block a sender. A warning message can be sent and then they can be blocked.