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Setting up your account

Setting up your account only takes a few minutes. There is no software or apps to install and the Anonymous Texting Administration tools is compatible with any operating system. Once your account has been activated you will receive an email with a username and password. Go to and select "My Account" located in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the Administration Module

Adding member to the distribution list

Once you log into your account the first page you will see is the distribution list.. There is a place for you to add up to 6 email addresses to the distribution list. All incoming text messages will be sent to everyone on the distribution list. For security purposes only those member on the distribution list and respond to incoming text messages. It is recommended that you do not use a forwarded email address. Forwarded emails can receive the incoming text messages but they cannot respond. Anonymous Texting is compatible with all email systems: Gmail, Hotmail, MS Outlook.

When a student or staff sends in an anonymous text message it first goes to the texting server. The server then converts the phone number to a sender code. This code is used to identify the sender without revealing their phone number. The server will then relay the message to everyone on the distribution list.

Anyone on the distribution list can respond to the sender. This is very useful if additional information is needed or just thanking them for reporting something. When someone responds to an incoming message everybody on the distribution will get a copy of the response. This is to let everyone else know that someone has responded and what their response was. See responding to a message for additional information.

Blocked Sender List

At the bottom of the main page is the blocked sender list. This is a list of all the senders who have been banned from the system because of abuse.

It list the sender ID the time and date and who blocked the sender. You can send the user a warning before you block them. When you block a person they will receive the following message:

"Your Phone Number Has Been Blocked From Sending Text To This Number"

Blocking a sender from sending text messages

Anyone on the distribution list can block a sender by replying to one of the messages with the code word "BLOCKED" it has to be in all up case letters. When the system receives that code it will add the sender tot he blocked list. From that point on if the sender sends a text message to the system they will get a return text message letting them know the message was rejected. A blocked number only blocks the sender from sending in messages. Anyone on the distribution list can still send outbound messages to that blocked sender.

Unblocking A Sender.

Only the admin can unblock a sender. To unblock a sender log in to the administration module. Select the sender to unblock from the list and then select the "Unblock Selected Sender" Button at the top of the Blocked sender list.

Blocked Senders Can Request To Have There Number Unblocked

If a sender has had their number blocked they can request their number be unblocked by texting the code "unblock" to the number. That is the only message that will go through from the sender. It is up to the Administrator if the number should be unblocked.

Message Log

Every message sent and received from the system is recorded Select the Message Log button on the menu to display all the incoming and out going messages

Sorting the Message Log

To sort the message log click on the column header once to sort by that column. If you click on it once the table will be sorted in ascending order on that row and if you click on the same column header it will sort it again in descending order.

One Click on the ID column sorts it in Ascending Order

A second click on the ID Column sorts it in Descending order.

Filtering the Message Log

It is easy to filer the message log to see just the data you want. For example if you only wanted to see the messages for a particular date. just type the date in the text area below the Msg Date column, For a year just enter the year, for a month just enter the year and the month etc.

You can add filters to any and all of the columns.

Message Log Codes

The direction column will show you if a message was incoming or out going. or if a blocked sender tried to send a message to the system.

  • In: means the message was inbound from a student or staff
  • Out: means someone on the distribution list responded to a message.. The responder column shows who sent the message.
  • BLKD: means a blocked send tried to send a message. Even thought the message does not go to the distribution list it is still recorded by the system

Exporting the Message Log

You can export the message log simply by clicking on the Export Data To Excel. Button at the top of the message log table. This will export the data you want. If you have sorted or filtered the table it will only export the data that you requested in the sort order you want.

Profile and Account information

Select the profile tab to see your account information. you can review and change your contact information. Change your username and password, and the primary contact.

Account Information

Your account information displays your texting phone number and your system email address. The "Texting Phone Number" is the number that has been assigned to you by the us and is the number that students text into

The email address is the email address that the incoming text messages are relayed through. See sending and receiving messages from the Anonymous server later in this manual for more information

The contact information is your contact and billing address. If the admin password is forgotten the adders used in the contact section is the only email address the requested password will be sent to.

Sending and receiving messages from the Anonymous server

The student does not have to do anything special. They send a text message to the Anonymous hot line just like they would any other number. The individuals who are on the distribution list will receive the messages via email.

The sender will always say Anonymous when you look at the From Column of the email and the subject line will always have a sender ID . You treat the email just like you would any other email.

Sending a Message back to the stander.

To send a text message back to the sender you would hit reply just like you would to any other email.

Do not change the subject line. Leave it exact the way it is. That way the server knows which sender to send the out going message too.

There are limits to how much you type in the email.

The message cannot be longer than 300 characters. This is a limitation of text messages. Anything longer than 300 characters will be truncated by the phone company. Everything will be sent in the message up to the first carriage return - Enter Key - when you are done writing your message press the enter key. The Anonymous serve will read only until it gets to the first carriage return. When you reply to an email you will see a lot of extra information the previous email and the header information. The server will not resend any of that information. The person who responds will remain anonymous as well.

The systems is designed this way to protect the identity of both the sending and receiving parties.