Anonymous Texting - Improving Security By Involving Students.

Anonymous Texting is the ideal way for a school to provide a way for students to be involved without getting involved. Anonymous Texting is the safest and most convenient way for students to participate in their own safety and safety of others. If something happens in a school, chances are someone knows about it.

Anonymous Texting can be a very powerful tool to help combat:

  • Bullying
  • Violence or Sexual Assault
  • Suicide prevention
  • Gang Activity
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Help and Emergencies
  • Drug Activity
  • Tips and Suggestions

The only way this will work is to ensure that individuals identities are kept absolutely confidential. Students will not use a system they do not trust. Anonymous Texting is committed to doing that. We will never reveal a texter's identity unless they allow it.


Anonymous Texting, Easy To Configure, Distribution List, Secure,
Bi-Directional, Reliable, Access From Anywhere

Distribution List

Incoming messages can be routed to multiple individuals. The Anonymous Texting Server and relay the incoming message to as many a 6 different individuals.


Let students participate in their own security. If something happens at your school chances are someone has seen it. Give your students a safe way to get involved.

Easy to customize

it takes less than 5 minutes to configure. Just add the reciptients to the distribution list and you are ready to go.

Anonymous Communication

Completely Anonymous bi-directional texting - this allows staff to interact with the sender without the sender never having to reveal their identity.

Access From Anywhere

The Anonymous Texting System does not require any apps or software to be installed. It will work with any  device connected to the internet

Spam Blocker

Staff can block phones of those who abuse the system. A warning can be sent, if abuse continues the phone can be blocked.

Message History

The system will record and store every inbound and outbound message. The data can be filtered, sorted and exported.

Anonymous Texting is proud to support: